Welcome to the Burd.Life!

Are you ready to join the chaos? The madness? The anarchy that is life for a hyena?

Good! Then go play with the hyenas,
because burds are far more civilized and sophisticated!

   Join us every week as we three or more burds spend time together from across the globe to beep at you! What do we usually beep about?
Anything! That’s how burds work! We don’t have a script, we don’t have a set format. We just show up, screech at you, and genuinely hope you’re entertained!

So join us each week for new episodes, and remember, ALWAYS BE BEEPING!

Meet the hosts!

ljnuiczcCor Fn Raven

Often riding the line between over-caffeinated or sleep deprived, Cor finds happiness in entertaining others and frequently breaks out into song, much to the annoyance of his co-hosts.


e4y7bzgiStorm Gryphon

Possibly the brains behind the show, Storm is a gryphon, and even though he is not pure bird, avian laws mandate that we have to keep him around to meet diversification quotas. (He’s also super floofy!)



Adorably German, Fleeks was awarded as ‘Beepiest Woodpecker 2016’. He is by and far the most creative burd on the show, with a successful line of T-Shirts that we promise are not starched with amphetamines!