Episode 34

This week it’s all about spirituality! We discuss what it is to have a system of beliefs, relgion, science, or self-structure! The first episode of Chronology of Burdania is out now! Learn one side of the lore and history of Burdania! Check out http://chronology.burd.life/ to find out more! This is all thanks to you! Your… Read More

Episode 32

  Thank you for your patience! It was finals week and Cor got attacked by study nymphs. (They’re real, ok?!) Episodes will resume being uploaded on time! This week we discuss/rant/praise/make fun of other fandoms! Obviously the avian fandom is the best, and we raise the standard of the greater furry fandom, but the rest… Read More

Chronology of Burdania Teaser

A new bi-monthly story driven podcast by Burd.Life, in which our Patreon supporters become part of the story! Patrons also get access to new episodes a whole month in advance. Thank you so much! $1/mo supporters get access to new episodes a whole month in advance! Also access to Burd.Life News episodes as they happen!… Read More