Episode 3

Alcohol and furry conventions are the greatest combo! Guest Host: Felix Denmark’s smallest mountain, world history with birds, convention drinking habits, Bird Bug or Bluff, Guess the bird, national birds, Everybird on Twitter, ProBirdRights on Twitter, Theresa Snyder, Ary Rinn “May we dedicate one episode to robot birds?” – GadgetLumic “Are you ready for Christmas?”… Read More

Episode 2

This week we beep about Halloween in the USA vs Halloween in Germany. We also learn that one of our mates constantly smells like Doritos! Guess who? This week we ask an important question! Vote in the sidebar! Birdcheese, Drinking Ages, Halloween in America vs Germany, Clowns, What our mates smell like, Bird preening, How… Read More

Episode 1

Our first episode! We get to know each other a little bit better. How? By discussing meth production, fundamental Mormons, and furthering the avian cause! Thank you for tuning in to our inaugural episode! Hiccups will be worked out soon.¬†We can only get better from here! Intro/Outro by CaliberSHM. Thank you! 2016 Election, Birdie Sanders,… Read More