Episode 21

Do the hustle! Forgive the audio glitches. Fleeks has been kidnapped and forced to use hotel wifi! We’ve already launched a rescue mission to retrieve him, so all should be normal next week! Episode 1 of Burd.Life News is now out via Patreon! Special thanks to all those who’ve given their support! https://www.patreon.com/burdlifepodcast $1 a… Read More

Episode 20

It’s a burd party! Get funky! We’re now on Patreon! If you enjoy the show, consider donating a teeny tiny amount each month. It helps keep the show alive and ad-free and in return you get burd kisses! https://www.patreon.com/burdlifepodcast $1 a month gets you access to 30 minute extra episodes of avian news! $5 a… Read More

Episode 18

Angels are God’s birds. Late nights on burdboozecast, thanks for cruising with us! Some tweaks were made to the audio output. Let us know if the quality sounds better, the same, or worse! Thanks, – The Management. Intro/Outro by CaliberSHM. Thank you! MYTHOLOGY, Magic money rocks, pet lizards, qualifications for being a bird, bird gods,… Read More

Episode 17

This week we get weird with burd science. Intro/Outro by CaliberSHM. Thank you! Forging Coins into Weapons, Evolutionary liniage of birds, liniage of gryphons, faster than light, nuclear energy, ‘The Chirpees’ “What would the challenges be for the Burd-Olympics 2018?” – Fedi “What does the wing to body ratio need to be for birds?” –… Read More

Episode 14

Fleeks and Storm talk about Birdemic, Cor mentally checks out. Intro/Outro by CaliberSHM. Thank you! Protests, Insect Anatomy, Burdemic, Coffee, “How does it feel to encounter other birds at cons?” – Chai Cockatiel “Where do bluejays sit in the bird hierarchy? How do you feel about other corvids? Why is Cor Purple?” – Elijah Bluejay… Read More